Football Quiz

QUIZ  We have a winner. 17/20 what a score!!

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I'll leave the questions to keep you interested 

  1. How many World Cups have there been?
  2. When did England last win the world cup?
  3. What year did Wales play in World Cup finals?
  4. What year did Wales play in Euro finals?
  5. Who has won the most world cups?
  6. What division will Cardiff City play in this coming season?
  7. What year did Cardiff City win the FA Cup?
  8. What nationality is Real Madrid’s Ronaldo?
  9. Who was Britain’s first one million pound player?
  10. Who won the Premier League in 2017/18?
  11. Which 3 teams were relegated in 2017/18 season?
  12. Who won the FA Cup in 2017/18?
  13. How many London clubs played in the Premier League during 2017/18 season?
  14. Which team plays at Turf Moor?
  15. Name the teams in this World Cup without an “A” in their name.
  16. Can you name the year and the team England was playing against when David Beckham was sent off in the World Cup?
  17. What is taken to the FA Cup final every year and never used?
  18. Sunderland did it in 1979, Villa did it in 1981, who did it in 1980?
  19. Which English club has won the European Cup more times than they have won their top flight division?
  20. What is the biggest away win in the Premier League?

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